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Also important to remember is that you have the kind of job that everyone has an opinion about. Teachers are held to a standard higher than we expect of many other professions, particularly for the salary level - For instance - this morning at Wildwood I saw a woman being nasty to her child and was surprised to realize she's a teacher in the district. Suddenly instead of being a mom having a bad morning she was a Teacher setting a Bad Example for the Youth of America ... I realized how unfair that is and that everyone is doing the best they can - kids included. Vent away.


One of the things you said to me a few years back has stuck with me. You and I were discussing good days and bad days at work. You made the point that your good days, the days filled with aha! student moments in which they caught glimpses of their potential and passion or found their voice - those days were worth all the bad days put together. I realized then that my very best day at work won't ever come close to those types of fulfilling, life-affirming moments you get to experience as a teacher.

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