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I think that we need tradition precisely because of all the changes we go through. Loved ones die, but having a funeral/ wake/ remembrance is an essential tradition because it brings all your loved ones together so that you all help get each other through a difficult period. Tradition binds you to life, and even though that may hurt, or seem too hard, it's better than floating away like a balloon, unnoticed and unaffected and solitary.


Ditto. (Not to be mum, but I couldn't put it any better.)


I think I know what you mean, sweet Paulsha.

*Cutting & decorating the Christmas tree at the Peavine house as a family
*Made from scratch hot chocolate & pastries on Christmas morning
*The three of you planting trees as a family, working your land
*The Peavine table laden with food every mealtime
*Christmas Eve at your Grandma's house
*Always-perfect summertime bbq chicken made by your dad

Those are a few of the more tangible traditions that were handed down to you by your parents and grandmother; those are the ones that have been lost or changed. But tradition is also defined as an inherited pattern of thought or action. In essence, the tangible traditions exist to sustain and support the intangible ones. It's tradition the way that you love and are loved. It's tradition that, much like your father, you can outcharm anyone. It's tradition the way you hone and expand your talents for music and writing and cooking. It's tradition the way you laugh and enjoy life; the way you take care of those around you. As much as your skeptic heart doth protest, my love, even amid all the loss and change that has occurred over the last decade, you are steeped in tradition. You are rich with it. We're making our own traditions with our remaining circle of family and friends, but they take time to grow roots and age. We'll get there.

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