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I think that's awful they have classes starting at 7:15am, especially in high school. On a basic biological level, teenagers need more sleep than the rest of us. And with studies proving that students learn and retain more in settings with ample natural sunlight, the idea of a wintertime of classes while it's still dark outside is really a missed opportunity.


The early class starts only an hour before school regularly starts, is not mandatory, and gives kids who need to make up a class or two or who have part-time jobs the flexibility they require. It's true teenagers need more sleep and it's true lack of sunlight makes morning more difficult in the wintertime. I imagine Paul's class will start out pretty big and then settle down to a smaller number of students who find they can handle waking at that hour.

I'm excited to hear about you media literacy project, Paul! I read your grant and heard some of the early reactions from school personnel - fantastic! Those kids are lucky to have you.


Yes, I meant to add that the media literacy stuff sounds really cool.

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