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WOW! That's awesome, Paul. Excellent work. One of my favorite writing activities ever was in a creative writing class I had at NYU, where the instructor would come in, name a random word or phrase (like 'de do do do, de da da da'), and we'd spend the first 15 mins of each class writing whatever that word/ phrase inspired. It was a great way to loosen us up, and it was fascinating to see the completely different reactions that the word/ phrase inspired in each of us. Maybe you could do something like that - just give students some vague word or phrase and have them respond to it. That way, you're giving them a point at which to start, but you're letting them express themselves in whichever way is most interesting to them (storytelling style?, abstract images?, etc). It could help them discover who they are, quite naturally.

It's also nice that you'll be learning with them. My favorite teacher in high school was once evaluated by the principle during our class. I later asked him how it went, and he said that the principle said he did a great job, except for one thing - he only asked questions he already knew the answer to. I've never forgotten that.


I agree that it'll add an extra cool dimension having you learn alongside the students. What if you had students interview each other about where they are in their lives and where they'd like to go? Another thing they do to learn editing in some classes is to take some existing footage, like a Hollywood movie or something, and re-edit it. That could be fun.


Awesome!! I'm looking forward to seeing your work and hearing about what your students come up with. What about showing some documentaries in class like Dogtown and Z boys
and Super Size me and then have them brainstorm what they are curious about and interested in. They could create whatever it is they would love to watch! This is so exciting!!!

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